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imageHere in the depth of winter the Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “Vibrant“.  Ahhh … a winter break from black and white! And what a great theme to showcase my favorite color—red! Our recent blizzard allowed this red bush a standing ovation.


Amidst the ice and snow the bush got my attention. So red!


I zoomed in for a closer look,


and the vibrant, red leaves glistened as the ice completely enveloped them, dripping like jewels.


And since I’d just replenished birdseed, another brush of red caught my eye through my kitchen window. After juggling the camera and ten pictures later I found this one deemed worthy. 🙂


I love all vibrant colors but red always turns my head.

From barns,


to cars,

Vintage Companions

to mums,

Magnificent Mums

to roses,


to my four-wheeler. 🙂

Capture the Mooon

I’ve even splashed it on a few walls in my home,

Christmas Gift Suggestions

and it graces my front  door. 🙂

Welcome Closer

I just love red and can’t help but share the following quote. I’m no psychoanalyst, but maybe this is why:

“I’m in love with red. I think it’s such a passionate color. Every flag of every country pretty much has red in it. It’s power. There’s no fence-sitting with red. Either you love it or you don’t. I think it’s blood and strength and life. I do love red.” ~ Brian Batt

Fire and Ice

And while taking the blizzard photos I noticed one of the ice-enveloped leaves glistening in the shape of a beautiful heart.

Midwinter's Night Dream

So, while I’m at it, Happy Valentines! 🙂

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. I especially like red in winter against winter white or winter brown. Beautiful shots. What is that bush? I want one…

    • The bush is called Nandina. Green in spring/summer. Brushed red in winter depending on sunlight. It’s beautiful. Not too big, not too small. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love this vibrant gallery! The red leaves and icicles are so beautiful. 🙂

  3. Bravo! Your photos are vibrant, dynamic and eye catching. Keep up the great work. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful set of shots Alexandria. Must admit I’m not much of a Red fan – perhaps because it looks awful on me. But I do love a gorgeous rose now and then! And love your banner too. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    • Thanks, Tina. Yes, I am a red fan but it has to be red with blue undertones. I feel the opposite about the “orange” reds. Unless they’re in nature, of course! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. What a gorgeous, colourful life in the middle of winter! Love those icy red leaves especially! 🙂

  6. Oops, I meant to say “lift,” but maybe “life” is an appropriate typo after all. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

     /  June 12, 2016

    Amazing images! That first one, with the ice hanging from the intense red leaves, that’s my favorite.

    • Thank you. The first photo is a favorite of mine as well. We’d experienced an unexpected and severe snow/ice storm that day. As I was walking down the sidewalk the bushes caught my eye and I knew the ice would melt quick. I was glad to have the camera handy for these shots. Spontaneous and unplanned, the moment came and went much too fast!
      Thank you for the stopping by and taking the time to comment. Come again soon. 🙂

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