Weekly Photo Challenge | Silhouette

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is “Silhouette”. Some of you  have seen this already. Forgive me for reposting as I now realize WordPress wants a current post rather than a revision of a previous.

This photo is of a sunset I took in February. Winter is my least favorite season but sunsets like these provide rich arrays of color to remind me that all seasons possess their own beauty. The bare branches allowed a view of the sunset not possible in warm seasons. The crisp air and humidity with slight cloud cover allowed a mixture of hues that danced their way into evening sleep. The graceful curves of the tree branches wove a beautiful pattern as if adorning the sky in a great big hug.

These reminders make the barren season bearable when I am impatient for spring. This one is worth clicking on for a larger view.

Enjoy … again.

Here is the Weekly Photo Challenge link for “Silhouette”

Other interpretations:

I am entering this as my “best shot of 2012” on the following site:http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/your-best-shot-2012/

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  1. To me, it does not make any difference to me if you have re-posted this picture. I love it and can always be posted anytime (or re-posted). Beautiful post and I love the silhouette view. Nicely done 😉

  2. What an absolutely beautiful picture!

  3. I haven’t seen this photo before–even if I had, I would think it perfectly lovely!

  4. Nice photo. It makes you want to lift the curtain of the trees to see what is behind.

  5. Beautiful! Wow….

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Great combination of colors! 🙂

  7. what a shame melbourne does not look like that in February – wonderful colours

  8. Amazing photo!

  9. wow this is amazing! by far one of the best photos I have seen for this challenge!

    • Thank you. Such a nice compliment! Honored for your follow, too. Will check out your blog some time.
      Peace to you, my new friend.

  10. Trees do make the best silhouettes at sunset. 🙂

  11. wonderful background for your trees!

    • Thank you. That photo seemed the get a lot of attention. The colors are pretty much as is. I cropped slightly but that was it. Glad you enjoyed!


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