“Sea” Points of View—Lens Artist Challenge #136 “S” is for …

The sea. The place for …


Thoughts …
To contemplate … ponder … focus.

Release …
To let go … exhale … relax.

Cleansing …
To wash clean within.


Forgiveness …
You have been forgiven. Therefore, forgive.

Giving …
Gratitude … glory … praise.

Quiet …
Stillness … rest … knowing.

Filling …
To see … inhale … rejuvenate.


Receiving …
Love … grace … mercy … a new dawn.

Noise …
Breeze … waves … seagulls.

Laughter …
Children … laughter. Families … laughter. Couples … laughter.

The sea …

The place that brings out the best in all of us. ~ Alexandria Sage

“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke

I am grateful for the Lens Artist community, where I show up once in awhile. And this week Patti hosted from Pilot Fish Blog titled “Subjects Starting with the Letter S). For me the “sea” came immediately to mind.
I tried to mirror some of the metaphors that I see and feel whenever I’m at the sea. I am fortunate to be able to live close and go there often. It so rejuvenates me, as nothing else.
I hope you feel some of that sense in what I have shared. EnJoy 🙂
Peace, Alexandria

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #136: Subjects Starting with the Letter–S – P.A. Moed (pilotfishblog.com)

If you want to see what others are doing with this theme, I invite you to visit Amy’s blog.
As well as a few others that I really enjoyed.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Starts with ‘S’ | scillagrace

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  1. Beautiful post, words and photos! Love how you captured the seascapes and lights from different times of day. Cloudscapes are stunning. The last one is very touching…
    Thank you so much for joining the challenge theme, Alexandria!

    • As always, it’s hard to choose. The sea provides an array of abundance! That last one was a glorious and lovely “accident”.

      • I scrolled up and down several times.
        It was a wonderful accident, I clicked your gravatar, a few seconds later I saw your link on my notification. 🙂

  2. Alexandria, thank you so much for your support and sharing my entry…. your gallery and post is stunningly beautiful. Very honored. *smile

  3. Beautiful as always Alexandria. Your images are beautiful and your love of the sea shines through. I especially liked your message this week. Thanks for joining us.

    • Good to hear from you as well, Tina. Can’t seem to be a regular every week but it’s wonderful that the Lens Artist community is always there. Thanks to all of you for providing this outlet, particularly following our grief regarding the Weekly Photo Challenge. 🙂

  4. Alexandria, thank you so much for joining in with such a beautiful and reflective gallery! Your love for the blue planet is crystal clear. So happy and grateful to have you with us!

  5. Wow. Great shots, every one.

  6. What a gorgeous, poetic post, Alexandria. I’m delighted to see your collection and to meet you here. We’re glad you joined the challenge!

  7. very magical! I love it! It always brings positive feelings!

  8. The photos alone are amazing and shows the beauty of the lights for both night and day. Your words just add to this beauty even further.

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