Procrastination—Today’s Latest Cure

‘Twas a lazy Sunday afternoon and the great doze had settled in. Ahhh … perfect. Time to cozy into the chair and succumb to restful dreams. Flip footrest up … yawn. As I sauntered into luscious sleep a nagging thought gradually meandered in, disturbing my blissful state. Oops. Didn’t I promise myself, no matter what, curtains were to be hung in two rooms this weekend? The curtains culminated the completion of my decorating adventures in them. Therefore, this was a pivotal moment!

Every weekend my honey and I resolve to complete one home project. The project usually involves a trip to our favorite store, Lowes, to buy some new gadget or flowers or rake to make our simple existence seem a bit more lavish. Sometimes we just dream about a project, which still affords a sense of achievement. This weekend it was curtains but since he got a strange crick in his neck we decided he would direct and I’d do the work. Usually I direct and he does the work. (Hmm … that didn’t come out right.) Anyway … back to the curtains and the disturbance.

“Oh my, not now!” My eyelids grew heavy, weakening my resolve. Alas, I was stealthily approached by the procrastination bug— that old varmint! “Promises, promises … not now … later … another day,” it whispered, threatening to chomp.

Ahhh … but how many times had I told myself that? I have to confess, too many times! The curtains and rods were purchased nearly a month ago. Capturing valuable space in my sanctuary, they were an eyesore with every step past them. The relentless self-talk began.

“Oh, but I work tomorrow. I need my rest! What time is it anyway?”
“Still plenty of time. Be honest now.”
“Oh, but the husband has a crick in his neck. No way can he get on ladder and drill holes for me.”
“Umm…I believe you can use a power drill and climb a ladder. He can direct, y’know.”
“What??? I’ve never put my hands on a power drill!”
“Well, it’s high time you learned, isn’t it? Wasn’t that the plan?”
“Ugh. Don’t give away my secret of feigned helplessness! Yes, I know. Too well, I know!”

Flip footrest down! And up, go I. First, one step. Then, another. Wow—a beginning.

Then the commence of my familiar, forlorn call. In my most humble-ever-damsel-in-distress-voice I weakly cry, “Hon…eeeey? Guess what.” “Yes, dear. What?” “Remember that promise I made myself that you said you would help me with but you can’t do the work because you have a crick in your neck but I said you could direct me and you said maybe you could?” “Yes, dear.” “Well, I think that time is NOW.” And I, astute at reading his mind, immediately halt his thinking—“Gee, I’d hoped she’d forgotten. Shoulda offered her a trip to Lowes.

Flip footrest down! (The lucky dog has one in his man-cave.) And I think, “Oh, it’s wonderful to have a man who can read a woman’s mind!” So with crick in neck, me on a ladder with levels, ruler, pencils, and power drill, I, for the very first time in my life, drilled my first hole. I handled that little monster with command … and respect. With the adrenalin rush on board, five rods and five sets of curtains plus two hours, done!

All this to say, when you sense the procrastination bug you can nip it with a for-sure cure. And that can be done in one, ever-so-miniscule-but-very-significant, step. One step. Try it. It really works!

Later in the week, I finished an upstairs room completely solo. I’m on a roll! And my husband knows the perfect next gift for me—my very own power drill. I feel a rush coming on just envisioning that next trip to Lowe’s!

“The cure for procrastination is one small step.”
~ Alexandria Sage

“The only difference between try and triumph is a little bit of umph.”
~ Unknown

“I’ve always been in the right place and time. Of course, I steered myself there.”
~Bob Hope

This is an article in response to the Daily Prompt with a theme of “Procrastination“.
I’d written this awhile back but return to it repeatedly when I need some motivation to take that “small step”. Works for me! 🙂

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  1. Jackie Paulson

     /  July 22, 2012

    I love your cat, your house, your writing, and thanks for making me laugh.

    • I’m so glad you liked all of it, especially that you laughed. Thanks for the visit and comments. Much appreciated.

  2. I am the great procrastinator! But then I live alone and don’t have to answer to much of anyone but me. As long as I get it done eventually, I’m happy. 🙂

    That is a gorgeous cat! I don’t have any animals of my own but my neighbor Ms. Donna rescues animals and has them everywhere at her house. She has about twenty dogs and probably twelve or thirteen cats right now, plus goats, chickens, turkeys, a pig and a horse. lol

    • As this blog says, one project per weekend. Sometimes it’s nothing big, maybe just some planning. We keep a list of seven in advance. Mark them off as they are completed and add another to the bottom to make seven again. Sometimes its even making appointments for check-ups with the doctor, financial planner, or sitting down to plan a trip. During the week, in addition to the regular routines I try to do one mundane task per day. That usually involves culling the paper pile, tossing and filing. Yuk! It’s my most begrudged task of all!
      With your neighbors little farm nearby, you get to enjoy the animals with none of the care! If I could I’d like to add a couple cows. Hubby draws the line with two cats, one dog.
      Thanks for your comments. I’m really liking your blog, by the way.

      • Thanks Alexandria. I’m glad you like it. I feel sometimes like I should just quit wasting my time with it because it seems like no one is reading, but then I have to remember that I do it for myself too. lol

        You are right that it’s nice to have the farm and get to enjoy it without doing the work. I’ll try to help her and she’s a lot younger than me and won’t let me. Any time I’m upset I can go up there and sit on the porch and the animals will come and love my problems away. They fight over who is going to get to sit in my lap and give me kisses. It’s nice, very healing.

        • Keep writing. At the very least, it is a legacy accessible to your family for all time. And it is for you.
          If you want more readers follow WordPress’ own recommendations. Subscribe to their Daily Post for great ideas, updates and more. Also, at the bottom of your stats page are all kinds of idea posts within WordPress to help you.
          Above all, have fun. The day it becomes a burden is the day to think about quitting. But find something else to enjoy.

  3. I felt very empowered when I bought my own power drill. (No pun intended. Hee.) And you should have seen me the first time I used a circular saw without cutting off (or into) a body part. I was very proud of myself. I also think your cat is beautiful. She looks very much like our cat, Jazzie, who passed away last year.

    • Hahaha! A circular saw? Oh, I am so impressed! I don’t think I could ever raise to the heights of that! Incredible!
      This feline is the front-porch cat. The other is the back-porch. Never do they meet. They can’t stand each other but love the dog. Go figure!
      This cat is the sweetest, cuddly thing. Fierce as a lion, though—depositing her conquests at the front door. Ugh! Another dreaded task of mine to go with your onerous chore post!

  4. This is a great post! Glad you were able to conquer your procrastination and have a new skill!

  5. Loved this post! Learned how to use a large power sander this way. Sanded an entire room, needless to say, could not move my arms the next day. You and your husband sound so much like me and mine. I am always saying, “honeyeee” as you put it. Loved it, great post and written in the active voice very well.

    You are so right, just starting a project takes one small step. The start is always the hardest part. By the way, me and the hubby made up. 🙂

    Wonderfully written!

  6. congrats to you and your philosophical cat!
    “The cure for procrastination is one small step.”
    ~ Alexandria Sage

  7. snickers4763

     /  February 12, 2013

    “The cure for procrastination is one small step.” I’ve never thought about procrastination in that way. But even one small step takes a lot of effort to make, and I’m lazy :mrgreen: I’ll try it though the next time I have an urge to procrastinate.

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