Moon Escape Far and Near

Yes, I went to Rome. Yes, I witnessed this breathtaking full-moon rising, with the Colosseum in all its night glory. So yes, I was there the night of this photo. But no, I did not take it. But yes, I was with the photographer who did.

His name is Dan Pope. We traveled to Rome with he and his wife, long-time friends, celebrating anniversaries. Dan is well-known for his stunning photography, but also his kind and generous heart. While Dan went at it with his professional equipment, the rest of us savored the surreal night, coupled with a perfect July evening temperature.

And now bring time up to one month ago and my backyard. With help from Wenjie Zhang on how to photograph the moon, I set up the tripod and camera settings exactly as he recommends. I did not have as powerful a lens as he but I was very pleased. Aside from cropping this photo is unedited.


As to what the full moon brings out in me, it’s just one word–joy. I don’t morph into anybody different, nor have the desire to be anyone more … or less. Let’s just say I become more fully who I am. With a full moonscape turning my yard into an enchanted forest, how can I not?

Daily Prompt: Full Moon–Nighttime

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  1. love the first one – gorgeous shot

  2. I like how you define for the WPC’s Foreign. Awesome shot of the Colisseum!

  3. I love Rome so much, I have to leave this comment!
    Fantastic shots!

    mine is here:

  4. I love this… you captured the lighting well. 😉

  5. Wow – Dan’s shots are out of this world!!

  6. Two beautiful shots. The full moon one of my most favorite happenings, and so difficult to photograph. You and your friend nailed it. Congrats.

    • Thank you very much. I was surprised and delighted how mine turned. It paid off to follow those directions from Wenjie Zhang. He deserves credit for the great help. The full moon is one of my favorites too!

  7. nicely done!! hope you had fun. and you did all the work 🙂

    • Somehow I missed this comment and did not reply (with regards to my full moon shot). I couldn’t have done it without your great directions and explanation. Your compliment holds more appreciation than I can say. Thank you!

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