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Jubilant Spring 1-IMG_5807

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is “Jubilant“.  I’m sharing the abundant flowering of a clematis I bought three years ago at WalMart. In its first year it had less than five blooms.

New IMG_1851

Thinking it wasn’t feeling too much at home here, I nestled it among good things; roses, lilies, shrubs. I gave it the proper light and good old-fashioned fertilizer. And I remained … waiting.


In gardening of any kind there is so much waiting!

In its second summer it was just a scraggly green bush. Cute. But so shy! And so I waited another year.

1-IMG_year one

And it finally opened up!

Lift Up 1-IMG_5811

And blossomed unimaginable!


 No more shyness. No more hesitation.

Quiet 1-IMG_5781

 In fact, as the quote says, it is a perpetual astonishment. We are nearing June and it’s full of buds.


The vine is branching out beyond. But it’s still connected to home. Through the wind and rain it’s held tight.

Reaching 5791

It’s all become its own little community. The vine gently weaves a pattern with the flowers. Together they reside. Yet the tender flowers are never destroyed. Nor is the vine ever suffocated by the broad, expansive flower.


Look how they cling to each other as good friends. Neighbors. Caring for, looking out for each other. And the seed pods are so abundant that next year I’ll need to add another trellis. This community is growing! Good neighbors do that.


Good neighbors promote growth. And speaking of neighbors …


What ever happened to being a good neighbor? Watching out for, protecting, sharing, loving, being kind?

Different, but dwelling together?

Whatever happened to “community”? Real community. Real people rubbing shoulders with real people. In the earlier photo, the clematis is neighbors with the lilies, roses, and shrubs. All different. But look how beautiful together.

Today there are all these “online communities” and believe me, I’m all for them.

Wild Child 1-IMG_5783

But sometimes I wonder if we’ve forgotten how to be with real people. We sit in our temperature-controlled environment and pluck away on the keyboard or our smartphones and call it community.

And another thing I see as I scroll through social media is how easily it is to be unkind. Words filled with so much venom. I wonder would they be that way if they were face-to-face?

Closer 1-IMG_5793

Somehow, I think not.

There’s an abundance of words and opinions nowadays. And I am definitely a free-speech warrior. But imagine the human—the actual real live person. Think about your words before you type. And work toward a jubilant display such as this. Nurturing beyond just existence. Nurturing to grow.

Good neighbors.

Opening 1-IMG_5766

Can we not do this? Whether online or in person, is it so hard to do?

Peace, Alexandria



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  1. Great thoughts and what a beautiful flower.

  2. Perfect for the WPC-Jubilant theme

  3. How very beautiful! I missed this one…

    • Hi Amy. My blog is going through a transition since I’ve changed from.org to .live and it seems there are several glitches that happen when you do that. I don’t recommend it, that’s for sure. WordPress is being very helpful. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find my post? Your information will help me figure out what’s going on and what the current status is. So nice to see you again!

      • I went to my Reader “manage” and try to do some cleaning up work. I saw your link there.

        • I was wondering if it made it to the reader. Nice to know it did. Thank you again, Amy! No problem with the typo. 😊

          • I didn’t see your post from the Reader. I clicked your link in the reader “manage” page where WP saves the ones we follow. Does that make sense?

          • Oh ok. Yes, I understand. I didn’t see it myself in the reader when I published. Haven’t crossed that bridge with WordPress yet. 😐

  4. The growth of the clematis is a wonderful metaphor for community. It made me grateful for my wonderful neighbors. Beautiful photos.

    • I’m so glad. I’m including myself in this post as well. It’s amazing how the digital world propels us inside. Now we have to be intentional about meeting with real people.

  5. Beautiful clematis!


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