These are the awards I have received within the WordPress world. I am honored and thankful beyond words but alas, have not taken the time to address each one. They are a real “pat on the back” in the blogging world. As an expressed appreciation I am going to add over time some, note some, of my favorite blogs. Please check out my “Really Nice Places” blogroll. I continue to be amazed at the creativity in the WordPress world. Everyday people with astounding talents. Thanks to all who awarded me these. It means more than I can ever say.

That said, from here on out I will have to decline future awards. I prefer to keep my private life pretty much exactly that. In accepting awards I find some of them require you to reveal things about yourself. Nothing intrusive by any means. But it’s more than I would like. Plus, I barely have enough time to keep up with my regular blog. Accepting an award is a bittersweet blessing. Though undoubtedly thankful, I will have to be placed in the ‘decline awards’ category.


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