Fragile—Handle With Care

“Words and hearts should be handled
with care, for words misspoken and hearts when broken are the
hardest things to repair.” ~ Unknown

Ever do this? Say something then feel the immediate twinge of regret? You wish, how you wish, you could somehow take them back. But they stick like glue. Sometimes they are just casual, oh so casual, “I didn’t really mean it.” We utter them right off the top of our head, just because we need to talk–oh, how we need to say something—oh, how we always need to be saying something. Sometimes they are tinged with hints of sarcasm—just enough hint to hurt.

Sometimes we lash out in anger. And that’s the worst kind—so far from kind. And then there’s the so unkind kind that cuts … deep, sometimes scarring to permanence—like a car that’s been wrecked and declared totaled. Total damage. If we would but look into the eyes, we would see the heart of each. But no, we shrug away, whispering, “So what.” Our culture actually takes pride in telling someone off. We hang on to the brash words of reality television and celebrate the celebrity spewing trash-talk. Bullying is a problem among our children. It’s like we celebrate hate.

What have we become?

Yes, conflict is part and parcel of life. But my mother used to say “Fight nice.” The word hate was so repulsed it was never allowed in our home, under any circumstances. Words can build or destroy. Choose them wisely—to soothe, heal, protect, build.

Why not declare to say, today, words tinged with, dare I say, love? And if you have nothing to say, it’s perfectly
okay to just say nothing.

“Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent.” Proverbs

“Let your speech be always with grace.”
Colossians 4:6a

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~

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