“Always tell the truth. I know this sounds a bit simplistic but I can assure you it is a lifetime pain reducer both for yourself and others around you.”

~ Stephen E. Deal

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  1. I’m very big on honesty, but you need to know and define it’s limitations and when you will NOT be honest. If a thief points a gun at me and says give me all your money and I know I have 50 bucks in my sock, I don’t give him the money from my wallet and say, “Oh yeah, let me take my shoe off and give you the money I have hidden… and while we are at it, there is an ATM nearby, I’ll give you my pin number, have at it.” I would most definitely lie in that case in the same way I would lie to any non-virtuous person or group of people, especially if they call themselves the government, out of self defense or if it would lead to more happiness to do so. Virtue and respect are EARNED.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more in the context of which you speak, which presumes a context of evil. Anywhere evil is present protection comes first, from crime to personal violation to exploitation. (One would never go up to somebody and just start telling them how horrible or ugly they were, even if true.) My quotes and writing always presume the presence of manners and tact. The context of evil will always be clarified.
      I do appreciate how much thought you put into things.


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