My Thoughts on Aging, from the Guest Author

The other day I was talking with a 75-year-old woman about the frustrations of aging. The aches and pains, the limited mobility, the failing memory, the sagging skin—how it all created significant frustration.

We joked about the 98-year-old woman who told me the best thing about wrinkles is that they don’t hurt. Then, in a tone more serious, she admitted she just didn’t understand the value of all this “getting old” business. She posed a valid question. The question prompted some thinking,
Might there be a valid reason?

My Dad always told me he wanted as many birthdays as he could have as long as he knew he was having them.
Over the years, he collected more than his share of serious ailments. No one loves his family or wants to be with them more than Dad. So far, he is still hanging in there. But I wonder if he is beginning to question that statement.

Like me, my Dad is a Christian. We believe in the place the Bible calls Heaven, and life will be better there than here. It is a beautiful place filled with reunion, the pain and suffering will go away, and the tears will be wiped away from our eyes. Life will be better!

So there, in the midst of that conversation, it struck me. Maybe this horrific thing called aging has a purpose.
By allowing us to change our sights from the here and now to the eternal, it reminds us that we are visitors here, waiting for our trip home.

And most of all, it reassures us that the best is yet to come.
The few glimpses of Heaven in the Bible show it to be an extraordinary place, a place so wondrous the Apostle Paul could find no earthly words to describe it. For our families it takes away a bit of the sting of death. When they compare their loss to the gain of the loved one passing, only the selfish can wish for the situation to be different.

So what should we do in the meantime?
Remember the answer to the riddle attributed to King Solomon? The riddle inquires—What four words will make a happy man sad and a sad man happy? The answer was inscribed on the inside of a ring—“This too shall pass.” And in either case, isn’t this the truth? Life is indeed fragile and every moment is a gift from God. Because of Heaven, we can have peace in the midst of all circumstances and hope in a future that bears no suffering.

This life does not end here. It is just the beginning.
So for now, love the life you are given, accept the ailments as a badge of honor, and remember—your Heavenly Father has a better life ahead.



Daily Prompt: Young at Heart

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  1. laura@eljaygee

     /  September 1, 2012

    As a Sexagenarian, I believe that the ageing helps banish vanity and prepares us for the important things in the after life

  2. Wonderful post! Beautiful photos!

  3. Just a beautiful post and I loved the pictures you included!!

  4. Beautiful post. I enjoyed reading the thoughts on Aging and the seeing the lovely photos very much.

    • Thank you, Ida. I’m so glad you dropped by and enjoyed them.
      I stopped by your blog. Your photography is beautiful. I really enjoyed it and am planning to visit again, for sure.

  5. very thoughtful post with beautiful pictures!

  6. “Maybe this horrific thing called aging has a purpose. By allowing us to change our sights from the here and now to the eternal, it reminds us that we are visitors here, waiting for our trip home.” What a great perspective!

  7. Wow – that was beautifully written! Every moment is a gift, and I am so thankful for the hope that I have for eternity! Living each day, one step at a time, and enjoying the moments along the way! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • Our faith gives us a peace that passes understanding and the constant presence of God. “I will never leave you or forsake you.” “Even in your old age I will be with you.” His promises are real and true and release us from fear and worry. What a wonderful Savior and the promise of heaven!
      Thank you for your inspiring comments.
      Peace of Christ to you.

  8. Beautiful post.

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