In a World Gone Mad … Words That Heal, from an Anglican Parish Priest

Need Some Space?

A quiet place?

Space for
Reflection … Repose … Reposition … Respite … Release?
Space …
for Peace?

Expanse … Solitude… Space.
My soul needs to breathe.
What about yours?

With a world in turmoil, my soul needed some breathing and it came to my Inbox the other day. I just had to share it.
I am reblogging a post, with permission from the author, Simon Marsh, an Anglican parish priest from North Western England. The link is below, titled “SOME SPACE”.

Simon’s words washed over my soul with eloquence and elegance.
A message for a world o’ hurt.

Does your soul need a place to breathe?
There is a place … that always has space …
for you.

Thank you, Simon, for saying what I could not.

by Simon Marsh

© from Simon Marsh blog post “Some Space”

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  1. You have some amazing pictures on this site, I would have to take classes in order to have such skills.


    • Not really, Liz. Get a camera and start snapping. You might surprise yourself. Believe it or not, I’ve learned a lot by just reading the directions that come with each camera.

  2. How well you read my mind…or is it my heart. “Does your soul need a place to breathe?” Yes, it does and everyday I seek to find it in whatever ways I can. A trip to the beach, a moment in silence and prayer, watching the sunrise before starting the day. Beautiful thoughts and images. Thanks. Have a blessed weekend.

    • Agree. There are moments in time when nature, prayer, and silence take one’s breath away. It’s like your soul is taking a deep, refreshing breath.
      Thanks for visiting and for such thoughtful comments.

  3. Aye Captain! Much needed by many. 😉


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