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“Just for a moment I want you to imagine that I gave each of you a car today. The bad news is that it will be your only car for your lifetime.  I suspect given that information, I would see you taking great care of that car.  You would wash and wax it, get the oil changed and get routine maintenance.  I suspect you might even drive a little more carefully.

In the same way… take care of your bodies. They will last you your lifetime.  Remember to exercise, eat wisely, and seek appropriate healthcare.”

~ Stephen Deal, excerpt from speech Things We Want You to Remember

The other day I was talking to someone about some health issues. They were hesitant to get some medical testing because of having to meet a copay or health insurance deductible. We talked about health care costs, which seem to be on everyone’s mind these days. However, when you think about if your car needs some costly repairs, often no one balks at having to pay a price for something like that.

Yes, good health is costly. But it’s an investment. And over time, it’s an investment that pays well. Health care maintenance is an investment that may not show anything outwardly, but good internal health will reward you with more energy to fulfill your goals, to think clearly, and to function optimally. Plus, it gives peace of mind.

Unless you are hit with an illness that was not of your own doing, and we all know this happens, investing what’s needed to keep your body functioning optimally should be looked upon over time like the vintage car in the photo above. Someone invested a lot of money and time and this car is a beauty. I’ll bet the engine is just as pristine.

We owe it to ourselves to care for ourselves and invest in good health. That new crown you got may have cost a small fortune but there’s no price tag on healthy teeth to nourish your body with good food. No one can necessarily see it but the nourishment your body receives from the good food you eat knows it.

And yes, an annual check-up with your physician will be costly, especially when you add some lab work to it. But think about this. You do it for your car. Why would you do any less for your body? Over your lifetime you will more than likely own several cars. They are replaceable but your body is not. You only get one. How about scheduling a check-up today?


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  1. Jackie Paulson

     /  April 28, 2012

    What an amazing car, and the color red to boot! Bravo!

    • Thank you, Jackie. This was one of those “I have to pull over” moments. They were so stunning. The camera wouldn’t quit. Appreciate you dropping by and following.

  2. The car photos are, indeed, stunning. Reminds me of some of the photos my sister took in Cuba last year. The embargo forces them to care for cars really, really well. Great body-care lesson in this post. Well done. Love the metaphor. Very powerful, Alexandria. Love what I see of your blog, as well. I look forward to coming back. Thanks for stopping by blog again today!

  3. I recently went through my medical bills and was seriously regretting having a couple of expensive tests done. (I don’t have insurance and so will be paying for them for some time.) Your point about peace of mind was very true, though, and reminded me that it was worth it. Thanks! Beautiful car. I’m glad you stopped to take pictures of it.

    • I’m sorry to hear you don’t have health insurance but am glad you got those medical tests. The peace of mind gained allows you emotional strength to face life’s many challenges as well as explore your writing and photography. I do have health insurance right now but still budget an extra amount for co-pays and deductibles. It always amounts to ten to thirteen percent of our annual income. Costly? Depends … on the next question. And that is …

      What do I value? For this next section I reply not just to you, but to all, myself included.

      So, what do we value? For instance, people will think nothing of taking on monthly payments for an assortment of goods, credit cards, or monthly car payments. Yes, travel is a necessity but there are wise ways to do it. Many chip away their weekly income on cups of coffee, manicures, hobbies, entertainment, convenience foods (in place of whole food), vacations, designer or even excessive clothing, on and on. Then they are horrified when suddenly faced with some medical or dental bill.

      When you get right down to it we choose what we value, and spend our resources to provide it. And unfortunately optimal health falls in last place for many. And too often some will choose to live in denial or even descend to fatalism when they have symptoms. They just “don’t have the money.”

      Our family has had different insurance plans throughout the years, even the high-deductible catastrophic insurance when our children were young. (We were small business owners = no group plan.) I remember paying full price for prescriptions and doctor visits. I felt the pain. But then when we finally met the high deductible they paid one-hundred percent. I then looked at our deductible and thought, Wow—so I set aside that much per year. Not too bad when I think of what I received in return.

      Doing those plans made me very consumer conscious and bargain for good care. When our doctor ordered lab tests I would call labs all over town to find the cheapest price. I would do the same when the kids needed an x-ray, excluding emergencies, of course. I would even bargain with my doctor over my visit price and say, “If I pay you in cash today will you cut me a deal?” And they usually did and I’ve heard still do. How often I’ve thought of going back to that. I think financially it might be better. I don’t know the answer to current health care costs but I learned a lot during that period of time. I believe having a choice and price comparison made a difference.

      But, the bottom line is this—we all want free high quality healthcare. We want excellent doctors at a low price plus the freedom to live how we want and buy whatever we want. But it just cannot be done. Personal responsibility must always be involved and that goes with my post as well.

      For you, I’m glad you took care of yourself and invested in your health. You deserve it. You’ve got a life to live and the peace of mind frees you “to live well, love much, and laugh often.”
      Thank you for commenting.

  4. Red is my favorite color! Being kind to my body today. Felt God validate the rest I am taking today through your post. Thanks Kathy.

    • Rest—needed by all, taken by few. God does validate rest—after all, He rested after a busy week. Glad you took the time. Feel good about that, not guilty.

  5. Red is my favorite color! Taking care of my body by resting today – something I don’t do very well, but I’m learning to enjoy it!!

  6. pure beauty cult

  7. what beautiful red Chevvys!” I have some little toy replicas …

  8. The analogy about the body is like a car that you are using for a short time is amazing. Never thought about the body in that way, gives me much to think about tonight.
    Thank you for the ah-ha moment!


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